Publications de l'année 2006

Articles scientifiques

M. Schuster et al, The age of the Sahara Desert, Science 311 (2006) 821.

P. Sepulchre et al, Tectonic Uplift and Eastern Africa Aridification, Science 313 (2006) 1419-1423.

P. Tafforeau et al, Applications of X-Ray synchrotron microtomography for non-destructive 3D studies of paleontological specimens, Applied Physics A (2006).

T. Lehman et al, A sub-complete fossil aardvark (Mammalia, tubulidentata) from the Upper Miocene of Chad, C.R. Palevol 5 (2006) 693-703.

F. Lihoreau et al, Anthracothere dental anatomy reveals a late Miocene chado-Libyan bioprovince, PNAS 103 n°23 (2006) 8763-8767.

P. Duringer et al, The first fungus gardens of Isoptera : oldest evidence of symbiotic termite fungiculture (Miocene, Chad Basin), Naturwissenschaften 93 (2006) 610-615.

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